Fraud in the Age of Technology, Scams, Money Mules and the Future

Thursday, June 8th, 08:30–11:00

Join Cecilia Cederberg, Head of Financial Crime at PwC, and Dan Holmes, Feedzai’s SME on Fraud, as we discuss the transformative impact of technology on fraud and how modern advancements are reshaping today’s landscape.

During the event we will cover:

  • How to manage in an environment of regulatory requirements and keep up with the fraudsters
  • How technology enhancements have changed the landscape of fraud
  • Why are scams such a difficult issue for consumers and banks
  • Why is everyone talking about money mules
  • What is next in the future of fraud technology


  • Registration and coffee
  • Introductions and welcome
  • Subject experts share their findings on the difficulty of combating scams for both consumers and banks, the emergence of money mules as a prevalent issue and the future of fraud technology
  • Discussion
  • Summary

: PwC Torsgatan 21, Stockholm, Sweden

Cecilia Cederberg
Head of Financial Crime, PwC

Daniel Holmes
Fraud Prevention SME, Feedzai

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