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Tuesday, April 16

Stop Instant Payments from Becoming Instant Fraud Losses

Instant payments are all about delivering customer convenience and speed by enabling faster settlement times for transfers. However, this innovation comes with its own set of challenges, primarily the increased risk of fraud.

Too often, faster payments mean faster fraud. Once a payment is sent, it’s gone forever, with very little chance of recovering the funds.

Learn how to protect instant payments at the front door and across the customer journey!

Feedzai is proud to sponsor the Kinfos Instant Payments & Fraud Management Summit in New York. Meet the Feedai team at the summit to learn critical instant payment lessons, including:

  • The most common pitfalls that leave banks vulnerable to instant payment fraud 
  • How Feedzai’s cutting-edge fraud prevention technology can help banks detect and prevent fraud before it happens, safeguarding your customers and your bottom line.

Meet us in person!
Interested in transforming or implementing your instant payment processes with unparalleled security? Let’s schedule a 15-minute chat at the Instant Payments & Fraud Management Summit. Share your preferred date and time, and unlock the full potential of safe and seamless transactions with Feedzai.

Main Stage Session
10:30 a.m. – 10:50 a.m.

Fraud Risk Management: A Force for Good in an Instant Payments World
Don’t miss our session with Feedzai fraud prevention experts as they discuss the following:

  • What should we learn about effective fraud controls from countries that have adopted instant payment rails? Which strategies have been successful and what problems should we prepare for?
  • How can real-time fraud platforms and advanced analytics help to provide core detection control for digital payments.
  • How can we strengthen fraud prevention by using a collaborative approach to fuel network scoring via data and intelligence sharing.


Andy Renshaw
SVP of Product Management, Feedzai

Lenny Gusel
Head of Fraud Solutions, North America, Feedzai

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