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Payment Service Provider Leverages Feedzai and AWS for Global Fraud Management

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Problem Statement

A Dutch Payment Service Provider (PSP) with global operations presence in the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia realized it had a problem. The firm had scaled by acquiring other smaller/regional players in the industry. Each country and region had their own tooling and operational processes to tackle fraud and risk management. During the integration of the acquired companies, the PSP saw fraud and risk as one of the main areas where it could leverage economies of scale to reduce operational costs as well as develop a global fraud strategy.

The PSP’s main goals were to find a system that could:

Integrate the multiple countries in its portfolio into a single solution as well as deal with the wide range of payment instruments in the different regions;

Reduced the high levels of friction on transaction fraud monitoring as well as provide automated risk assessment of their merchant portfolio;

Quickly adapt to changing regulations in the payments space across all those regions.

How Feedzai on AWS Enabled It

Feedzai leveraging AWS allowed the PSP to:

  1. Realize continuous integration of different countries and merchants into Feedzai with lower lead times than industry standard;
  2. Pursue the goal of standardizing Fraud and Risk Management into a single solution instead of having multiple vendors scattered across the organization;
  3. Iterate and improve on their fraud strategy in an analytical environment with shorter cycle times than industry standard by leveraging S3 and EMR infrastructure with auto scaling adapted to on-demand needs. This allowed the firm to support faster cycle times in fraud strategy design as well as deal with unpredictable computation needs from its globally distributed teams while reducing TCO;
  4. Grow a system that needs to support millions of payments per day and provide decisions in milliseconds;
  5. React in a flexible manner to major geopolitical changes such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

What We Achieved

Today Feedzai has onboarded >12 countries, initially in EMEA and then moving on the LATAM region, processing more than a billion events (transfers, payments, refunds, chargebacks) per year. This standardization has achieved the project goals where Feedzai was able to:

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