15 Things to Know About APP Fraud

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Authorized push payment (APP) fraud has become one of the most common types of fraud thanks to the expansion of smartphones and connected devices. In the U.S., consumers lost approximately $3.3 billion to APP fraud in 2020. Meanwhile, across the pond in the U.K., an estimated £479 million was lost to APP fraud scams. 

APP is now so common that some banks face pressure to reimburse victims for their losses. Download our infographic to learn more about APP fraud, including:

  • How purchase scams alone cost U.K. consumers roughly £57.1 million in losses;
  • A breakdown of the five most common APP scams: purchase, impersonation, romance scams, and more;
  • Tips and advice for banks to stop APP fraud more effectively. 

Download the infographic!

Download Infographic
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