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For Financial Institutions: How to Evolve Your Suspicious Activity Detection

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Current anti-money laundering approaches and solutions just produce too many false positives.

Customer behavior changing rapidly in the wake of the COVID-19 virus, and financial institutions are finding that sifting through high-volume, low-accuracy money laundering alerts  are too strenuous on their risk organization. With the industry standard sitting between of 1-2% of alerted transactions actually containing suspicious behavior, simply building bigger and bigger teams is just not a sustainable answer. So, what can financial institutions do to ensure that they can ensure compliance, while driving up detection accuracy?

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  • Financial institutions can move away from legacy defensive SAR filing approaches
  • Risk professionals and teams can adjust their strategies to turn the tide on suspicious transactions
  • Advances in technology enable financial institutions to drastically increase the percentage of alerted transactions that actually contain suspicious behavior
Download the Guide
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