Feedzai Named a Technology Leader in Quadrant’s SPARK Matrix™: Anti-Money Laundering, 2023 Report

Advancements in digital transformation and payment technologies are only making it easier for financial criminals to launder money and conceal their illegal activities. Without the right tools in place, banks risk unwittingly giving criminals a financial safe haven and getting fined by regulators.

 Feedzai’s AML solution helps banks stay ahead of the latest tactics used by financial criminals. Global advisory and consulting firm Quadrant Knowledge Solutions recently named Feedzai a Technology Leader in the SPARK Matrix™: Anti-Money Laundering, 2023 Report. The report provides an in-depth analysis of global market dynamics, major trends and vendor landscape across transaction monitoring, watchlist screening and KYC/CDD.

The report highlighted how Feedzai’s AML solution helps banks uncover money laundering activities by:

  • using machine learning models for behavioral profiling and alert prioritization
  • creating a holistic view of customer risk to more accurately detect financial crimes
  • offering an omnichannel case manager for SAR workflow management.

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