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How to Be Responsible with AI
— It's Only Fair

How Banks Can Implement Responsible AI Best Practices

The financial world relies heavily on data and artificial intelligence (AI). However, this raises a pressing concern: the risk of bias in automated financial services systems.

Authorities like the EU recognize this critical issue and have introduced rules like the EU AI Act. The goal? Ensuring AI systems and financial algorithms that we trust don’t unintentionally discriminate.

In this must-watch on-demand webinar, experts from Feedzai, Vixio, and guest Forrester discuss the latest ethical considerations to tackling bias and fairness in AI, including:

  • Ethical considerations to ensure fairness in AI
  • How to embrace responsible AI principles without losing efficiency – including sharing real-world examples
  • Methods to be aware of for AI decision-making processes in financial services and, importantly, how to correct any biases we spot
  • The future of AI rules and regulations

Watch the webinar!

Watch the webinar

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