How Banks Can Prevent Scams

The Comprehensive Guide to Scam Prevention for Banks

In the relentless pursuit of safeguarding customer accounts, banks have forced bad actors to pivot towards a new target: the customers themselves. The consequence? An alarming surge in scams, driven by cunning tactics and growing sophistication.

Scams wear many disguises, all rooted in deception. From phishing emails and persuasive texts to trick websites, scammers manipulate victims into making fraudulent transfers using a wide range of impersonation tactics. Download our eBook to understand the anatomy of some of the most harmful scams and how banks can defend themselves and their customers against these schemes.

Get critical insights into:

  • elderly/senior citizen scams
  • romance scams
  • unemployment scams
  • tax refund scams
  • Facebook marketplace scams

While scams may come in different forms, they all have deception in common. Scammers have no shortage of schemes to trick their targets. Banks must understand how different scams operate to keep their customers safe and earn their trust.

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