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How Scams Destroy Customer Trust and Erode Bank Revenues

Scams are a growing threat, globally. Most countries are seeing a significant increase in victims of authorized fraud, and the psychological and financial impact can be life-changing.

In this engaging on-demand webinar, experts from Forrester, Which?, The Global Anti-Scam Alliance (GASA) and Feedzai take a deep dive into the global scale of the scams epidemic and the impact scams take on both customers and banks. Watch the webinar to learn how some banks are turning the tide to minimize the impact of scams. Tune in and you’ll get:

  • a global overview of the scams crisis
  • insights into the human impact of scams and how it affects the relationship between customers and their banks
  • a view of the steps banks are taking to reduce fraud losses and build customer trust

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Jorij Abraham
President & CEO,

Alastair Reed
Principal Policy
Adviser, Which?

Alyson Clarke
Guest Speaker,

Daniel Holmes
Fraud Prevention SME, Feedzai

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