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Merchant Risk Managementfor Acquirers

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Today, acquirers have to walk a delicate balancing act. On one hand, they must offer value-added services for merchants, such as traditional and alternative payment methods. And they must be able to onboard new merchants quickly and seamlessly, while effectively processing their transactions. On the other hand, the requirement for convenience, speed, and customer experience is often met with an increased risk of fraud attacks. If a fraud attack is successful, the acquirer can be held liable. 

In a highly competitive landscape with sensitive margins, acquirers have little room for error. Download our Merchant Risk Management for Acquirers Solution Sheet to learn how our solution:

  • Enables acquirers to quickly onboard new merchants with confidence;
  • Protects against fraud and chargebacks as new payment methods become available;
  • Helps acquirers minimize merchant fraud risk while maximizing revenues.
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