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Prevent and Detect Payments Fraud with Feedzai

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The rise of instant payments and new digital banking technologies creates both opportunities and challenges for the payments landscape. Bank customers can easily make instant payments. Unfortunately, so can fraudsters. And these bad actors are armed with billions of stolen records, enabling them to create synthetic identities, push scams, and defraud banks and customers at scale. 

In this new world of instant and digital payments, banks face increased pressure to deliver seamless, innovative, and fast products for legitimate customers while keeping their systems safe from bad actors. Our new eBook Prevent and Detect Payments Fraud with Feedzai outlines:

  • Some of the common scams fraudsters use to defraud banks;
  • Why banks often face challenges in addressing large-scale fraud;
  • How Feedzai can help banks by providing first-hand experience, and more.

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