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Transaction Fraud for Scams

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Scams are designed to trick victims into revealing personal information (e.g., a social security number or credit card numbers) or manipulate them into authorizing payments. Because payments are authorized by the true account holder they are particularly difficult for banks to detect.

Scammers use a variety of techniques, like making a phone call pretending to be a government agency or bank official or selling an offer that sounds too good to be true. Other tactics include investment scams, romance scams, and many others.

To effectively detect scams, banks must use machine learning-led transaction monitoring to truly understand customers’ behavioral patterns across all channels.

Download our solution sheet to learn how Feedzai’s Transaction Fraud for Scams solution:

  • Creates a 360-degree understanding of a customer’s risk for scams;
  • Enables consumer protection from scammers with automated risk decisioning;
  • Leverage a flexible, data-agnostic, cloud platform that stops scams as they happen.
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