Utilising AI to Prevent Financial Crime

Trust is the most important currency a bank has. Reputation in the marketplace and how consumers see a brand are more important than ever. But how do you maintain that when transactions are ever increasing in speed and complexity, the whole banking system is opening up, and financial criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated?

One of the biggest trends in banking in the last few years has been the shift towards faster payments and open banking. Whether that’s through specific policies like PSD2 in Europe, driven by regulation, or via customer demands for more open access to their financial accounts, we can be sure that this trend isn’t going away. In fact, it’s only speeding up as banks race to be leaders in this age of digital transformation.

Read our new report to understand:

  • Data and AI Capability
  • Visualization and its power
  • Key challenges in fraud and data management
  • AI to enhance- but should you build or buy?

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