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What’s in store for
financial risk in 2022?

Customers who embraced digital banking habits because of the COVID-19 pandemic are unlikely to switch back to their pre-pandemic practices. The result is a rise in digital interactions and more targets for fraudsters to pursue using social engineering. This means more financial risks on the horizon.

Armed with personal credentials obtained through the dark web or via phishing (or even social media), fraudsters can launch account takeover (ATO) attacks and compromise a legitimate user’s account. On the other hand, if fraudsters can’t breach a customer’s account, they might use social engineering to trick victims into deliberately transferring them money using authorised push payment (APP) tactics.

Join Feedzai’s Subject Matter Experts Andy Renshaw and James Hunt to understand what’s in store for financial risk in 2022.

Featured speakers:

Andy Renshaw
SVP of Product Management at Feedzai

James Hunt
SME - Acquiring Fraud Risk at Feedzai

Mirela Ciobanu
Senior Editor at The Paypers (Moderator)

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