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The Data Science Edge to Fight
Financial Crime

Traditional fraud and AML risk assessments, reliant on broad segmentation, often miss the mark. Feedzai’s Segment-of-One Profiles harness data science to create precise profiles for each customer, ensuring accurate anomaly detection and a seamless banking experience.

Feedzai’s Segment-of-One Profiles Deliver Meaningful Financial Crime Prevention Benefits

  • Dive deep into individual banking habits using behavioral metrics, device intelligence, and transaction trends.
  • Our tailored approach identifies genuine risks with unmatched accuracy, minimizing false positives.
  • Recognize customers at every touchpoint, ensuring swift approvals and genuine risk flagging.

Feedzai vs. The Rest

  • Granularity: While others group customers, Feedzai offers hypergranular, real-time profiles.
  • Frictionless Transactions: Generalized groups create friction, our method ensures legitimate activities proceed smoothly.
  • Unified Insights: Siloed solutions create analyst blind spots. Feedzai provides a consolidated view of each customer’s behavior across channels.
  • Transparency: Feedzai offers clear explanations behind every risk assessment, unlike ambiguous blackbox models that rile regulators.

Harness the power of Feedzai’s Segment-of-One Profiles with our acclaimed Risk Engine, Pulse. Dive deep into data elements, analyze behaviors, and keep illicit activities at bay.

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