Datos Insights Matrix: Behavioral
Biometrics and Device Fingerprinting Solutions

Feedzai’s Digital Trust Scores High in Behavioral Biometrics and Device Fingerprinting

Account takeover (ATO) attacks remain one of the most persistent financial fraud threats to banks and consumers alike. While advancements in thwarting ATO attacks have been made, some solutions struggle to find a proper balance of providing security while also ensuring a smooth customer journey.

Feedzai is proud to be recognized as a Top Contender in Datos Insights’ market analysis of Behavioral Biometrics and Device Fingerprinting. Unlike other solutions that added or implemented new capabilities over time, our unique Digital Trust solution was originally designed to deliver a 3-in-1 approach to stopping account takeover fraud.

This recognition comes at a critical time when the behavioral biometric and device fingerprinting markets are becoming increasingly intertwined.

“While device fingerprinting and behavioral biometrics technologies came to market at different times and as separate solutions, the industry is seeing a convergence. More vendors are combining these two technologies into a single, cohesive solution,” says David Mattei, Strategic Advisor at Datos Insights. “This is an obvious evolution since both are strong passive authenticators. And from a single product requiring just one project implementation, users get a double benefit.”

Download the Datos Insights report to learn how our Digital Trust solution’s unique approach:

  • Covers malware detection, device fingerprinting, and behavioral biometrics
  • Combats financial crime without impacting the customer journey
  • Is capable of supporting both fraud prevention and anti-money laundering (AML) efforts

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