I am thrilled and humbled to share that Feedzai has raised a $200 million growth investment led by one of the most respected names in the global investment world: KKR. We’re thrilled that this new investment also retains the support and confidence of Sapphire Ventures and Citi Ventures, who in 2017 invested $50 million in Feedzai.

Feedzai is now valued at well above $1 billion.

Future-proofing commerce

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that my co-founders and I have roots in aerospace, but Feedzai has always maintained a future-forward culture. When the challenges of the past year hit, we leaned on our “future-proof” mantra, and it worked. We were ready for the rapid shift to a digital-first banking and commerce world. The challenges of last year tripped up some machine learning platforms, but not ours. We were thrilled at how well our AI and machine learning handled the uncertainty that was 2020. 

And now, we’re ecstatic at the “future-proof” capabilities this new investment will bring our team, products, and cloud platform. This is how we’ll birth advancements to our recently revealed, award-winning ethical AI innovation, Fairband, along with other customer-centric technologies that strive to ensure frictionless financial services.

This investment assures the cutting-edge technology we’re known for, along with our expertise in fraud prevention and anti-money laundering, will continue and expand and develop well into the future.

What this investment means for our customers

This new investment delivers on our mission to keep commerce safe by further developing our single machine learning cloud platform for all four stages of the customer risk journey: prevention, detection, remediation, and compliance. Focusing on the entirety of the risk lifecycle allows us to partner with financial services in a radically new way at every step of the journey. 

Feedzai’s customers will see an accelerated product roadmap that includes a full end-to-end financial crime and risk management solution. The ability to help financial institutions scale, pivot, and meet new opportunities means our customers are always prepared for the financial services industry of tomorrow. 

Feedzai will continue to build our partner network to further expand our offerings in the fraud prevention and risk management space so that customers can easily integrate with companies they already have established relationships with. We look forward to serving customers across North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, and Latin America.

Living Our Core Principles

If there is one thing this past year has taught us, it’s that Feedzai’s core principles — grit, ownership, raise the bar, win together-lose together, and think globally — are embodied in every person on our team. We would not have made it through the challenges of 2020, both professional and personal, had we not had a team so dedicated to our core values. Everyone here is committed to our customers’ success, and it is this commitment and drive that made this growth investment possible. I’m honored to lead this vanguard group. 

Feedzai was born to fight financial crime using advanced machine learning. We’re passionate about cutting-edge technology, artificial intelligence, and contributing to the end of human suffering caused by fraud and money laundering. We’re grateful for this investment and for each of you who are on this journey with us. Next stop, moonshots!