Introducing Buy2Build AI Platform Strategy for Financial Institutions

Buy vs. Build is the Wrong Debate for Risk Management Platforms, Think Buy2Build

Should an FI build its own machine learning platform for risk in-house, or is it better to buy a ready-made fraud prevention or financial crime compliance solution? The choice between buy and build has been a long-running debate when it comes to choosing the right machine learning software for fraud prevention.

While both options have legitimate pros and cons, there’s a better approach: Buy2Build. With Buy2Build, financial institutions can enjoy the benefits of both scenarios.

Our new report, Beyond Buy vs. Build: Introducing Buy2Build for Financial Institutions, explains how this hybrid approach offers greater flexibility and cost savings for financial institutions.

Read the report to learn:

  • Why Buy2Build’s key advantages include faster implementation and time-to-value
  • Success stories from other companies who have pursued a Buy2Build approach, including Atlassian, Stripe, and Santander UK
  • A cautionary tale from a well-known entertainment provider about building your own platform
  • The key criteria to consider when selecting a Buy2Build vendor

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