Protecting Customer Trust:Battling APP Scams for Revenue Growth

How Banks Can Address the Psychological Damage from Scams

Trust was once the unshakeable bedrock of customer-bank relationships. But today, in an era riddled with crafty and increasingly complex authorized push payments (APP) scams, customer trust faces unprecedented threats. If left unprotected, this critical bond could be severely undermined and, along with it, bank revenues.

Scams are about more than financial losses. They also inflict deep emotional and psychological stress on victims. If banks don’t respond correctly following a scam, it could seriously damage the relationship. Banks need to be able to empathize with customers who have fallen victim to scams by asking themselves, “What do customers expect from us?” Our new eBook, Protecting Customer Trust: Battling APP Scams for Revenue Growth, offers a strategic roadmap for banks to comprehend the impacts of scams on their customers and how to meet their expectations after an authorized fraud event.

Download the eBook to learn more about:

  • the psychological impact of scams on customer trust, drawn from a victim’s personal experience
  • the different types of scams fueling $55 billion in global losses
  • steps banks can take to measure and protect customer trust
  • how a multi-layered approach to fraud and APP scams can protect customer trust

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