Decoding Account Takeover Fraud’s DNA

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What makes account takeover (ATO) fraud one of the most troubling threats in financial services? This particularly troublesome type of identity theft can take on a life of its own, enabling fraudsters to steal both money and personal information to commit more fraud.

It doesn’t have to be this way. By leveraging large volumes of existing data, banks can develop a clearer understanding of legitimate customers’ normal behaviors and confidently ask the question, “are you really you?” With this information, banks can stop ATO attacks in their tracks – all without interrupting the customer journey.

Download our eBook, Decoding Account Takeover Fraud’s DNA, to learn about:

  • Impersonation and manipulation attacks – the two distinct categories of ATO attacks;
  • Factors driving a rise in ATO attacks;
  • Four key features of an effective ATO prevention strategy.

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