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Account Takeover Fraud: Becoming Preventative vs. Reactionary

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Account takeover (ATO) fraud attacks used to be about bad actors using stolen credentials to take over a victim’s bank account. But this type of fraud is becoming automed with the use of malware. These attack techniques and technologies make ATO attacks significantly more effective as a result, enabling bad actors to monetize identity theft through ATO fraud at scale. 

Banks need a way to keep pace given how easily bad actors can access breached records or utilize credential-stealing malware like remote access trojans or remote access tools (RATs). The best option is to stop reacting to an ATO attack and start preventing it instead. 

Download our solution guide to learn: 

  • Why the cost of ATO attacks has increased in recent years;
  • How bad actors use malware like RATs to hijack customers’ banking sessions;
  • How early risk detection enables banks to spot and stop fraud before a transaction occurs
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