Feedzai is a Top Technology Leader in Quadrant’s 2023 SPARK Matrix Behavioral Biometrics Report

How Feedzai Stands Apart in
Behavioral Biometrics

Feedzai has been recognized as a top performer and technology leader in the SPARK Matrix™: Behavioral Biometrics, 2023 report from Quadrant Solutions.

Behavioral biometric technology measures both digital and cognitive behaviors to enhance security. This includes typing cadence, touchscreen movement, device orientation, and keyboard interactions. Behavioral biometrics enhances fraud detection capabilities by adding a non-intrusive layer of authentication that reduces false positives, risks, and improves customer experiences.

Get your complimentary copy of the Quadrant 2023 SPARK Matrix™: Behavioral Biometrics, 2023 report to learn how Feedzai’s behavioral biometric solution, Digital Trust stands apart in the market, including:

  • providing banks protection against phishing, malware, impersonation, and network attacks
  • offering know-your-user (KYU) capabilities that continuously verify users across every interaction
  • combining device assessment, malware detection, behavioral analytics, and behavioral biometrics in a single solution
  • offering whitebox explanations and human-readable explanations for AI-driven decisions.

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