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Fraud Detection & Response Platform

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Know Your User, Know Your Threat, and Know Your Response

The Fraud Detection and Response (FDR) Platform from Revelock, a Feedzai company, works by stopping active threats like malware and phishing attacks as well as bad actors already operating within your organization. The FDR platform’s defensive capabilities deliver a silent user experience that continuously protects users while preventing them from being interrupted by bad actors or their actions. 

Download or solution sheet to learn how the FDR platform enables you to: 

  • Know Your User by implementing an approach that centers around the question “are you really you?”;
  • Reduce Fraud by detecting and responding to any manipulation or impersonation attack;
  • Enhance Brand Trust by proactively securing end user accounts and stopping account takeovers, new account fraud, and CNP fraud;
  • Streamline Customer Experiences by silently and continuously verifying users without needless step-up verification.
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