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How Banks Can Measure, Classify, and Prevent Scams

Can Your Bank Customers Spot a Scam? 69% of Consumers Believe They Can

UK banks saw authorized fraud losses fall by 17% in 2023 – a trend that is capturing interest from fraud-fighting teams globally.

How was the UK able to turn the tide to combat scams? And what learning lessons can be applied to other regions?

In this must-watch on-demand webinar, Feedzai’s Dan Holmes joins Trace Fooshee of Datos Insights and Jorij Abraham from the Global Anti-Scam Alliance (GASA) to discuss the UK’s innovative approach to scam prevention, scams impacting global regions, best practices for classifying and detecting scams, the state of the regulatory landscape, and more.

Our detailed webinar will equip you with:

  • Proven scam measurement & classification techniques
  • Best practices for early detection & prevention
  • Actionable insights into the evolving Latin American scam landscape
  • Exclusive GASA survey data on victim reporting & trends

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