The State of Scams in the USA

Omni-Channel Scammers Plague US

Scammers exploit every digital avenue – emails, phone calls, social media. Key platforms include Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, Google, WhatsApp, and Amazon. The State of Scams Report, a collaborative effort by the Global Anti-Scams Alliance (GASA) and Feedzai delves deep into the intricate web of deception and theft plaguing American life.

Eye-Opening Insights

  • 73% of Americans encounter scams monthly.
  • 57% observed an increase in scam attempts.
  • 69% were confident in spotting scams, yet 89% fell prey to them.
  • $159 billion lost in a year, averaging $2,663 per victim.
  • 62% did not report their scam encounters.

These are more than statistics; they are a call for collective vigilance. The report urges the financial institutions, the public, and officials alike to unite against scams, safeguarding Americans’ digital and financial frontiers.
Learn the types of scams and how to combat them. Stay informed, vigilant, and proactive.

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