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Transaction Fraud for Banks Prevents Card Fraud in Real Time

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Fraudsters adapt quickly to change. Banks need to keep up.

Instead of attempting fraud through physical cards, many fraudsters have shifted their focus to card not present (CNP) transactions. In fact, more than $4.57 billion in fraudulent CNP transactions have been reported by the U.S. Federal Reserve in just a single year. Global fraud is on track to reach $40.63 billion by 2029. 


What can banks do to stop fraudsters? Download our Cards Fraud solution sheet to learn:

  • 5 key ways credit card fraud occurs: Major types of fraud include account takeovers, card theft, and synthetic fraud
  • How our solution processes transactions in milliseconds: Our platform ingests and transforms multiple data streams and fraud insights across different channels and produces explainable, readable findings
  • How the platform blocks suspicious payments: Card issuers can receive real-time recommendations over whether to approve or decline transactions for both card present and CNP transactions
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