Value-Added Services: Maximizing Revenue through Fraud Prevention

Help Merchants Unlock New Revenue Streams with Value-Added Services

Gone are the days when payment processing and hardware were enough. In today’s rapidly evolving merchant acquiring and payment gateway industries, the race is on to become a full-stack software and merchant services solution. If Acquirers and PSPs don’t adapt, they risk becoming obsolete while merchants lose billions to fraud each year.

New players are squeezing margins, and Acquirers and PSPs face the urgent need to differentiate themselves through value-added services (VAS). These services not only prevent and detect fraud but also empower merchants to secure their operations effectively.

Feedzai’s new guide, Value-Added Services: Maximizing Revenue through Fraud Prevention, offers Acquirers and PSPs with the knowledge to develop and commercialize VAS and support their merchant clients with greater revenue.

Download the eBook to gain:

  • an in-depth understanding of VAS and how to tailor it to different merchant segments
  • insights into different types of fraud in the VAS environment and strategies to combat them
  • a roadmap beyond traditional VAS, expanding the security landscape, and creating opportunities for mutual growth

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to help merchants thrive in the ever-changing payment industry.

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