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What Is Behavioral Biometric Analysis?

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Physical biometrics refer to parts of the human body that can act as unique identifiers, e.g., fingerprints and retina scans. Behavioral biometrics, on the other hand, track an individual’s unique pattern of behavior with their computers and mobile devices. This includes how the rhythm and cadence they usually type on their computer keyboard, the way they move the mouse, or touch their phone screen.

Unlike other behavioral biometrics vendor’s solutions that classify users as “good” or “bad,” Feedzai asks, “are you really you?” at every interaction.

Download our solution guide to learn how our technology:

  • enables a preemptive approach by stopping fraud before it can happen;
  • reduces both false positive alerts and false negatives resulting from misidentification; and
  • builds a unique digital profile of each user using thousands of parameters.

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