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Instant Payments Without the Fraud Risk

Global Lessons for North American Banks to Keep Instant Payments Secure

Instant payment services offer unparalleled convenience and speed. The ability for funds to settle immediately creates new opportunities to improve customer satisfaction and open new revenue channels for businesses.

So why has North America lagged behind in adopting instant payment systems compared to other global markets?

The rapid speed of transactions allows criminals to evade traditional security measures and commit fraud even faster. Once transfers are approved, financial institutions must try to recover lost funds instead of preventing them.

Failure to secure instant payments will impact banks’ bottom lines and damage customer experiences and trust. Download this guide to learn how other regions have successfully implemented instant payments while managing fraud prevention within their risk appetite. Get important instant payment lessons to keep instant payments secure, including:

  • How the UK’s mandatory scam reimbursement policy is pushing financial institutions to be proactive about identifying scams
  • How Brazil’s Pix systems resulted in record high social engineering and physical threats
  • How behavioral biometrics, device intelligence, and malware detection can prevent fraud in real-time

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