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Imagine customers fleeing your business, profits vanishing, and reputation in tatters – all thanks to online scams. This isn’t a hypothetical scenario – it’s the harsh reality millions of businesses and financial institutions face today.

But what if there was a proven blueprint to combat this growing threat, protect your customers, and build a fortress against fraud?

Introducing the GASA Scam Footprint discussion paper: the world’s first cross-sector guide to stopping online scams. Created with contributions from government, banks, and big tech companies, here’s what you’ll discover inside:

  • Unmask the Enemy: Deep dive into the anatomy of online scams and their devastating impact on businesses.
  • Your Role in the Solution: Understand your critical responsibility in stopping scams and building customer trust.
  • Measure & Track the Threat: Learn powerful methodologies to quantify your exposure and track progress towards eradication.
  • Zero Tolerance with Fraud Net Zero: Achieve the ultimate goal: a future where scams and other frauds leave no footprint on your brand.
  • Cross-Sector Collaboration: Join forces with e-commerce, social media, and government to create an industry-wide anti-fraud ecosystem.

Don’t let online scams tarnish your business. Be among the first to adopt a Fraud Net Zero strategy and turn scam prevention into a competitive differentiator.

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