Transaction Fraud

Grow your business.We’ll protect it.

Monitor all transactions throughout your entire business in real-time. Prevent even the most complex fraud occurrences with accuracy and scalability.

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Why choose Feedzai

Reduce fraud losses while keeping your customers safe

Improve Fraud Detection

Machine learning-powered risk scoring ensures that more fraudulent events are detected — saving your business from bad intentioned fraudsters.

Reduce Customer Friction

With greater detection accuracy comes fewer false positives. Make sure you don’t get in the way of your good customers.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Leverage automation tools and intelligently-designed fraud analyst and data science tools to boost employee efficiency.

Feedzai by the numbers

Results at one of Feedzai’slargest clients


Volume processed annually


Transactions scored in real-time every day


Average latency (in milliseconds)

Solution Capabilities

Easily Identify Fraudsters

Use powerful AI-based tools to accurately identify bad actors and improve your teams’ efficiency.

Score across all ofyour channels

Embrace evolving technology with transaction scoring that leverages data from across all of your digital and brick-and-mortar channels.

Score transactions in milliseconds

Score transactions in as little as 3 milliseconds. Effectively make decisions and ensure frictionless experiences for your customers.


Easily create Segment-of-One Profiles for every individual entity (e.g., card, terminal, device, IP, etc.) over any specified time period. Build models and score events with unmatched accuracy.

Feedzai Enterprise

Our risk management platform protects the world’s largest companies by scoring trillions of dollars’ worth of transactions faster than the human eye can blink.

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Feedzai Solutions

Get access to an easy-to-understand scoring system that can quickly assess risk for single- and cross-channel transactions in real time.

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