Feedzai's Q2 2022 Financial Crime Report reveals why 2021 was the year of RiskOps for FIs

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Q2 2022 Financial Crime Report: The RiskOps Age

Let’s face it: 2021 was a year for the books! It was the year we cheered the arrival of…

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AML: 5 Steps to Avoid Fines

What could your firm do with over $2.9 billion? That’s the total amount of fines global…

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100 ft Wave, 230 MPH, 3000 ft Cliff – Risk Management through the Eyes of World Champions

Risk implies an uncertain outcome with the possibility of loss or injury. Sounds scary,…

Feedzai's Q3 2021 Financial Crime report

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Q3 2021 Financial Crime Report: Consumers Go Cashless

Like all things, commerce changes and evolves. But the global COVID-19 pandemic…

Feedzai recognized as a strong performer for enterprise fraud management by a top analyst firm.

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Why Feedzai Was Recognized by a Leading Analyst Firm

The Forrester WaveTM Enterprise Fraud Management, Q3 2021 report edition was published…

Illustration of changing travel patterns' impact on fraud in Feedzai's Financial Crime Report

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Q2 2021 Financial Crime Report: The Dollar Takes Flight

What a difference a fiscal quarter makes! According to exclusive data outlined in…

Feedzai Fairband promoting Responsible AI

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Fast Company: Feedzai Fairband is a Game-Changer for Responsible AI

For Feedzai, ethical AI is a mission-critical world-changing idea. We’re thrilled Fast…

Man with surgical mask on infront of a bright background works on laptop with flip image of financial crime criminal in the dark working on a laptop

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Q1 2021 Financial Crime Report: A Tale of Two Pandemics

Exclusive data from Feedzai reveals the state of financial crime, fraud trends, and the…

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Top 10 Financial Crime Prevention Articles of 2020

From tips on how to spot coronavirus scams to becoming a 100% remote company in 24 hours,…

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