Author:Joel Carvalhais, Fraud Manager

Images representing 7 different types of instant transfer fraud

7 Types of Instant Transfer Fraud You Should Worry About

  • Fraud prevention

Instant money transfers allow customers, as the name suggests, to move money in seconds instead of days. While this capability opens new avenues for consumers, it also comes with a very real, very risky side effect: the threat of instant transfer fraud losses. With instant


Illustration of a man singing on a graph that shows the economy dropping and then going back-up during Coronavirus

Coronavirus Economy: How to Fight Fraud & Friction to Survive

    Citizens plagued with anxiety and financial woes, economies in free fall, and scammers exploiting fear in every corner of the globe. Welcome to April 2020.  No one could have predicted the situation we find ourselves in, but we can plan our way out of it,


    Illustration of four people in surgical masks standing in front of a world map

    Coronavirus Fraud Scam Predictions & How to Combat Them

    • Coronavirus
    • Fraud

    Fraud Scam Predictions and How to Combat Them is the first post in a special five-part blog series aimed at helping banks, acquirers, and merchants navigate risk during the COVID-19 crisis. For more information on how to fight fraud during the pandemic, check out How to


    As Online and Mobile Retail Rises, So Does Bot Fraud

      Gone are the days when fraudsters would wait in line at Toys”R”Us to return an item they had stolen. Today, these fraudsters are hiding behind the digital curtain, and they’re using speed and velocity as tools for their crimes. In this blog post, we’ll look at one of these tools in particular: bot attacks.


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