Aite’s 2019 Fraud Prevention and AML Vendor Report

AIM Evaluation: Fraud and AML Machine
Learning Platform Vendors

Machine learning platforms are an important technology that businesses are turning to in their fight against financial crime. These systems represent the next generation of detection and mitigation, and they provide a way for businesses to harness one of their greatest assets—their customer data—and apply custom analytics that can evolve with the rapid pace of financial crime.

Aite’s 2019 Fraud and AML vendor report specifically focuses on how Feedzai’s technology empowers data scientists at financial institutions to build their own models in Feedzai’s platform. This and other outcomes of Feedzai’s 24% annual spend on research and development make for the most advanced machine learning solution on in the market. Analysts also showed how flexible Feedzai’s product use cases are including Transaction Fraud for Banks, Acquirers and Processors, and Merchants, as well as Account Opening an Anti-Money Laundering.

The report focused on areas such as technology and domain expertise, scalability, flexibility, and customer references.

Download the report to learn:

  • Machine learning for aml use cases
  • The incumbents’ and the newcomers’ challenges
  • Key market trends and implications
  • Machine learning model development process
  • The aim components analysis.

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