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Financial Crime Report- Q2 2021

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Financial Crime Report Q2 2021: The Dollar Takes Flight

U.S. consumers are on the move again after more than a year of lockdowns. Spending is up l in both cross-state and cross-border transactions – and the value of transactions is also up. The U.S. isn’t alone, either. Activity in the APAC region is also up.

But as global consumers emerge from lockdowns, fraudsters are eager to take advantage of the latest behavioral changes. The Feedzai Financial Crime Report Q2 2021: The Dollar Takes Flight outlines the scams that pose the greatest threat to consumers and banks, including:

A 728% increase in telephone banking scams
A 159% increase in banking fraud attacks
83% of all fraud attacks involving credit, debit, or prepaid cards occurred online

Download the report to learn how cash fared in the pandemic,  the top five red flags for money laundering, get tips to protect customers as they travel, and more!

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