Photo of Catarina Godinho, product marketing specialist for Feedzai; discussing how Feedzai's Responsible AI capabilities support the ESG for bank in the social pillar

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Boost the ESG Social Pillar with Responsible AI

Tackling fraud and financial crime demands more than traditional methods; it requires the…

Headshot of Feedzai's Tiffany Ha, Expert Product Marketing Manager - discussing Feedzai's AI model risk governance capabilities

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Enhancing AI Model Risk Governance with Feedzai

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are pivotal in helping banks and…

Illustration showing hands holding a book with

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What Recent AI Regulation Proposals Get Right

In a groundbreaking development, 28 nations, led by the UK and joined by the US, EU, and…

Photo of Tiffany Ha, Feedzai's expert product manager.

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Built-in Responsible AI: How Banks Can Tackle AI Bias

Many bank customers know that banks use artificial intelligence (AI) to make decisions.…

fraud team analyst overwhelmed by false positives

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How New Tech Can Take The Burden Off Fraud Teams

Online banking fraud has become a massive industry for cybercriminals because it’s a…

IDC MarketSpace recognizes Feedzai's commitment to Responsible AI and commitment to promoting fairer financial decisions

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Feedzai Named a Responsible AI Leader for Integrated Financial Crime Management Platforms by IDC MarketScape

Feedzai - the world’s first RiskOps platform - is beyond honored and excited to announce…

Data scientists uncover data drift using Feedzai's Feature Investigation system

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How Feedzai’s Feature Investigation Responds to Data Drift

It’s always better to learn about a problem before it spirals out of control. When your…

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Machine Learning: Rules vs. Models in AML Platforms

Criminals don’t play by the rules and often embrace new technology to exploit gaps in…

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