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Inbound Payment Fraud Detection & Mule Risk Modeling: Protect Your Reputation and Minimize Losses

Proactively combat authorized payment fraud, outsmart money mules, and safeguard your institution’s bottom line.

Banks are losing the fight against inbound payment fraud. Traditional outbound monitoring isn’t enough to combat sophisticated authorized payment scams. Financial institutions must take a proactive approach by:

  • Focusing on Incoming Payments: Identify fraudulent inbound transactions and stop money from leaving victims’ accounts.
  • Unmasking Money Mules: Disrupt criminal networks by detecting mule accounts at all stages – account opening, ongoing activity, and inbound payment receipt.

Inbound Fraud Detection is Critical

  • Meet Evolving Regulations: Proactive inbound fraud monitoring ensures compliance with emerging regulations like the UK’s PSR 23/4 and potential US liability shifts.
  • Reduce Fraud Losses: Stop fraudsters in their tracks, leading to significant financial savings.
  • Boost Customer Trust: Minimize scam victimization, build loyalty, and gain a competitive edge.

The Feedzai Difference
Feedzai’s AI-powered RiskOps platform delivers unparalleled protection against inbound payment fraud and mule activity:

  • 360-Degree Mule Detection: Identify mules at every stage with account risk monitoring, real-time inbound payment analysis, and ongoing behavioral profiling.
  • AI-Driven Accuracy: Anomaly detection, link analysis, and automated machine learning pinpoint risk patterns with precision.
  • Rapid Adaptation: Outsmart evolving fraud tactics with flexible data science tools and model deployment.

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