Malware Analysis: Mispadu

Mispadu: A Deep Dive Into The Resurgence of a Dangerous Banking Trojan – Download Our Threat Report

The notorious Mispadu banking trojan, first detected in 2019, has recently emerged from dormancy, targeting a broader range of countries and entities.

We’re proud to present our detailed Mispadu Threat Report. This exclusive report explores the intricacies of Mispadu, a banking trojan with sophisticated data theft capabilities, a connection with other prevalent malware, and the potential to impact businesses globally.

Highlights of the report include:

  • Mispadu Unveiled: Understand Mispadu’s operation, distribution strategies, and its ties with other Brazilian banking trojans like Mekoito/Pazera.
  • Techniques & Targets: Delve into the malware’s techniques such as keylogging, screen scraping, browser credential theft, phishing injection, and Bitcoin address hijacking.
  • Geographic Expansion: Learn about its expanded target range, from originally targeting Colombian banking entities to including countries across Latin America and Portugal.
  • Preventive Measures: Implement strategies to protect your business from falling prey to this trojan and follow best practices in cybersecurity hygiene.

Your digital trust strategy is only as strong as your knowledge of the threats. Equip your financial institutions with our Mispadu Threat Report today.


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