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Watchlist Management Customer Screening

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Customer screening is a crucial component at the point of onboarding and on an ongoing basis to ensure a financial institution is not doing business with drug and human traffickers, terrorists, or known money launderers. This is a requirement to stay compliant with regulations. Yet, many financial institutions are still checking sanctions lists spreadsheets and using Google to search for adverse media manually. In other cases, their screening tool is too binary in its matching algorithm — generating high false positives that bog down the investigation team and is unsuccessful in keeping out illicit actors. Feedzai automates sanctions screening and watchlist management.

Download our solution sheet to learn how Feedzai’s Watchlist Management Customer Screening solution:

  • Strengthens screening accuracy to lower false positives
  • Empowers your team with configurable triggers and thresholds
  • Automatically updates global sanctions watchlists, PEP and RCA lists, OFAC 50 Percent Rule, and adverse media for the most up-to-date data
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