Author:Andy Renshaw

Illustration of left hand holding a phone while right hand pulls money out of the screen meant to represent a digital wallet

Digital Wallets: How to Offer Convenience Without Raising Risk

Digital wallets are the fastest accelerating digital payment vehicle today. In this post, we discuss what’s driving their popularity, the fraud and AML risks involved, and what banks can do to protect themselves and their customers. Author and poet Paulo Coelho famously said, “And when


man running from coronavirus towards open bears mouth - abstract illustration representing money mule scams

4 Ways to Prevent COVID-19 Money Mule Scams

    Skyrocketing unemployment brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic helps explain why money mule scams are on the rise. In the U.S., roughly 30 million people filed for unemployment over six weeks. Some analysts predict the final numbers for April could reveal unemployment rates between 16%


    Illustration of a a person speaking to a face coming out of the computer represents 2FA

    Why banks and payment processors need 2FA today

      Two-factor authentication (2FA) stops 100% of automated bot account take over (ATO) attacks. So why don’t more banks and payment service providers (PSPs) implement or increase the use of 2FA? 2FA and customer friction 2FA is not without controversy, mainly because it can be a


      Illustration of man holding balloons that carry him over a field of coronavirus; meant to illustrate how payment service providers can get ahead of fraud during COVID-19

      How PSPs Can Get Ahead of Fraud in the Post COVID-19 World

        Fraudsters have been busy. During this crisis phase of the Coronavirus pandemic, they’ve launched an avalanche of attacks. Perhaps more importantly, they’re poised to commit even greater fraud once governments start easing lockdowns and consumers start shopping again. Fraudsters are plotting future attacks, PSPs should


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