Illustration of synthetic identity fraud scam

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3 Tips for Banks to Catch Synthetic ID Fraud

In today’s digital-first environment where many interactions are virtual, even banks can…

Magnifying glass over a credit card

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How to Boost Fraud Detection to Combat ATO Fraud

The US banking sector saw rapid Account Takeover (ATO) fraud attacks grow by 72% from…

stages of fraud from account access to transaction to monetization

0 Comments7 Minutes

The 3 Stages of the Fraud Lifecycle

A fraud attack doesn’t just happen all at once. In fact, a single fraud event includes…

0 Comments13 Minutes

3 Fraud Management Tips for Financial Institutions

As banks invest in fraud management solutions to help them stop suspicious activities,…

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Digital Wallets: How to Offer Convenience Without Raising Risk

Digital wallets are the fastest accelerating digital payment vehicle today. In this post,…

0 Comments10 Minutes

COVID-19 & The New Rules for Building Digital Trust

COVID-19 presents an opportunity for banks to build a new level of digital trust with…

0 Comments8 Minutes

4 Ways to Prevent COVID-19 Money Mule Scams

Skyrocketing unemployment brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic helps explain why money…

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Why banks and payment processors need 2FA today

Two-factor authentication (2FA) stops 100% of automated bot account take over (ATO)…

0 Comments13 Minutes

How PSPs Can Get Ahead of Fraud in the Post COVID-19 World

Fraudsters have been busy. During this crisis phase of the Coronavirus pandemic, they’ve…

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