Fraud threats to the European Payments Initiative (EPI)

0 Comments12 Minutes

How EU Banks Can Ensure EPI’s Success

The European payments landscape for a bowl of alphabet soup, given the number of payment…

Feedzai CEO Nuno Sebastiao, Bloomberg TV interview

0 Comments3 Minutes

Video: Nuno Talks Unicorns, Fraud Trends, and the Future with Bloomberg Technology

Feedzai CEO Nuno Sebastiao was recently interviewed by Emily Chang for Bloomberg…

Visual of machine learning enhancing existing banking legacy systems.

0 Comments12 Minutes

Why Legacy Banking Systems Need a Machine Learning Boost

Your legacy banking systems might struggle to your customers’ expectations and stop…

6 important questions community banks should ask when investing in machine learning technology

0 Comments4 Minutes

6 Questions to Ask When Investing in a Machine Learning Fraud Platform

There are numerous machine learning solutions available, and choosing the right one can…

0 Comments9 Minutes

6 Lessons Learned in 2020 and 5 Hopes for 2021

Feedzians and our followers on social media tell us in six words or less what they…

0 Comments12 Minutes

Hong Kong Banks Need To Look Beyond TM-E-1

Here’s what Hong Kong banks need to know about how TM-E-1 regulations impact their…

0 Comments10 Minutes

COVID-19 & The New Rules for Building Digital Trust

COVID-19 presents an opportunity for banks to build a new level of digital trust with…

0 Comments11 Minutes

How to become a 100% remote company in less than 24 hours

With twenty-four hours notice, Feedzai transitioned into a 100% remote company. This post…

0 Comments15 Minutes

Can AI Models Handle Changes Caused by Coronavirus?

Are machine learning models cracking under the sudden behavioral changes caused by the…

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