9 questions FIs should ask a machine learning vendor

0 Comments9 Minutes

9 Questions FIs Should Ask a Machine Learning Vendor

Choosing the right machine learning vendor can feel overwhelming. After all, the last…

Illustration demonstrating how digital trust is built

0 Comments6 Minutes

The 4 Key Elements of Securing Digital Trust

Digital trust is a mechanism for companies to measure confidence in their clients. It…

visual of strong customer authentication (SCA) required under PSD2 in EU

0 Comments12 Minutes

PSD2: A 6-Month Status Report

PSD2 regulation went into effect at the end of last year. The regulation aims to…

visual of Feedzai's geo-agnostic team model.

0 Comments11 Minutes

Geo-Agnostic Team Building: How to Build Your Own

As vaccines enable organizations to return to “normal” not everyone is ready to forget…

Open Finance impact on financial services

0 Comments9 Minutes

Open Finance: The U.K.’s Next Open Banking Chapter

Late last year, the U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) launched a call for input to…

How PIX and Open Banking will change Brazil's financial services sector

0 Comments6 Minutes

What PIX and Open Banking Mean for Brazil’s Banks

The implementation of Open Banking in Brazil started in November last year and will end…

Guide for banks to prepare data for machine learning algorithms

0 Comments10 Minutes

Data Preparation for Machine Learning: A Guide for Banks

Investing in machine learning without an understanding of data preparation best practices…

illustration of how to create a smooth hiring experience for data scientists

0 Comments7 Minutes

5 Ways to Improve Your Hiring of Data Scientists

Demand for top talent such as data scientists far outweighs available candidates. Because…

Fraud threats to the European Payments Initiative (EPI)

0 Comments12 Minutes

How EU Banks Can Ensure EPI’s Success

The European payments landscape for a bowl of alphabet soup, given the number of payment…

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