Illustration of how Feedzai is offering support to employees with new mental health and menstruation leave benefit

0 Comments6 Minutes

How Feedzai Supports Mental Health / Menstruation at Work

At Feedzai, we have a reputation for being risk-takers and innovators. In our product, in…

Illustration of banks upgrading legacy banking systems without disturbing customer experiences

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How Banks Can Upgrade Their Legacy Banking Systems

Many banks have had their current rules-based legacy banking systems in place for up to…

illustration of risk management challenges lessons from Payments Canada

0 Comments10 Minutes

How Banks Can Evolve Financial Crime Risk Management

Feedzai CEO Nuno Sebastiao recently sat down with Chris Phillips, SVP of Corporate…

Why It’s So Hard for Challenger Banks to Fight Financial Crime and deliver a strong customer experience

0 Comments5 Minutes

UK Challenger Banks Need to Step Up Their Financial Crime Assessment According to FCA

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) performed a review on challenger banks and the…

Illustration of how North American banks can achieve open banking compliance in six months

0 Comments9 Minutes

How to Achieve Open Banking Compliance in Less Than 6 Months

As I discussed in our last post, recent events indicate that North American banks should…

0 Comments11 Minutes

Open Banking 101: A Guide for US and Canadian Banks

Open Banking is already a reality in the EU and UK. Are Open Banking initiatives coming…

0 Comments6 Minutes

Reflecting on 2021 Hopes and Going into 2022

As February 1st begins our new Fiscal Year and the Chinese New Year (Year of the Tiger),…

0 Comments10 Minutes

3 Ways AI Bias Harms Minorities and How Banks Can Fix It

February is Black History Month in the United States. It’s a time when we look back at…

How banks can keep India's e-RUPI system safe from fraud

0 Comments9 Minutes

3 Things Banks Can Do to Secure India’s e-RUPI System

India’s national e-RUPI system launched back in August, marking the nation’s latest…

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