Inbound Payment Monitoring: New Tools for a Shifting Fraud Landscape

According to UK Finance, criminals stole an estimated £1.168 billion through authorised and unauthorised fraud in the UK. This is a stark reminder that the evolving nature of fraud demands a holistic approach. Siloes within fraud prevention strategies are a thing of the past.  We need to consider the entire customer journey across all channels to truly mitigate risk and minimize losses.

Banks and financial institutions can do just that with inbound payment monitoring, an advanced, proactive strategy poised to transform how banks detect, prevent, and manage fraud.

Our new eBook, Unlock Fraud Prevention and Profitability Success with Inbound Payment Monitoring, provides a navigational chart through the complexities of inbound payment monitoring. Download the guide to learn:

  • How banks can enable a holistic view of customer activity by breaking down internal siloes
  • Advanced analytics and techniques for more effective fraud detection
  • The most effective approach for implementing inbound payment monitoring
  • How monitoring incoming transitions can uncover mule networks

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