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Feedzai’s Digital Trust Solution

Prevent Account Takeover Fraud From Login to Logout

In the age of digital banking, financial institutions must be confident that they know who they are dealing with at every digital interaction. This means closely monitoring online activity from the moment a customer logs in to the moment they log out – all without adding friction to the customer journey.

Feedzai’s Digital Trust is a cloud-based solution that enables financial services and Fintech companies to reveal and respond to online identity impersonation and manipulation attacks. The solution works in the background, disrupting fraudsters while allowing legitimate customers to proceed undisturbed.

Download the Solution Guide to learn how Digital Trust:

  • Builds a unique BionicID™ by combining behavioral biometrics, behavioral analytics, advanced malware detection, and network and device assessment;
  • Rests on three key core building blocks: collection of data across multiple digital channels, continuous updating of BionicID™, and active and pre-emptive defense capabilities;
  • Can both stop account takeover (ATO) fraud attacks and new account fraud attempts at onboarding.

Download the Solution Guide

Download the Solution Guide!

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