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Inbound Payment Fraud Detection and
Mule Risk Modelling: Prepare for
Upcoming Reimbursement Regulation

With the emergence of authorized push payment (APP) fraud, banks need to apply greater focus on incoming payments that go directly to the criminal’s accounts. This is where money mules come into play, enabling criminals to move illicit funds to accounts they control.

In the UK, new regulations require banks to extend fraud monitoring to both inbound and outbound payments. Other countries, including the US and Australia, are considering similar measures. Understanding the intricate dance between mule risk modeling and fraud detection becomes paramount as banks navigate this transformative phase.

Learn how Feedzai delivers state-of-the-art, AI-driven tools for inbound payment fraud prevention capabilities and empowers banks to stay one step ahead of shifting regulations.

Key Benefits:

  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensure your bank remains at the forefront of the latest fraud prevention regulatory frameworks.
  • Inbound Payment Focus: Transition from traditional methods to a comprehensive inbound monitoring approach.
  • Mule Account Detection: Leverage AI and machine learning to counteract money mule operations effectively.
  • Case Study Highlight: Learn how a major European bank benefited from Feedzai’s solutions in the face of evolving fraud challenges.

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