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Financial Crime Webinar Q4 2020: How Covid Impacted Consumers & Fraud

The global COVID-19 pandemic impacted just about every facet of everyday life. This includes how many people bank and shop, with many consumers turning to digital banking channels and online retail for the first time. Unfortunately, fraudsters were also eager to take advantage of such widespread disruption. 

Feedzai’s exclusive analysis of over 4 billion global transactions across all major industries sheds light on how financial crime shifted during the pandemic. In this on-demand webinar, Feedzai’s Brian Heffernan and Rob Rendell discuss the findings outlined in Financial Crime Report Q4 2020 Edition

Watch to learn:

  • How challenger and legacy banks can earn trust during times of disruption
  • Why card cloning activity increased 34% during the pandemic
  • How the pandemic changed traditional retail habits – including the cancellation of Black Friday
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