Photo of Feedzai's Tiffany Ha - discussing how Feedzai's Risk Management for Acquirers and PSPs solution provides an approach to ​​merchant acquiring risk management to tackle merchant risk effectively.

0 Comments8 Minutes

Enhanced ​​Merchant Acquiring Risk Management

Talk about a tightrope act! Acquiring banks and Payment Service Providers (PSPs) must…

Illustration of Australia silhouette with bullseye and arrow on right side of image. Demonstrating how Australia's new Confirmation of Payee (CoP) policy will work

0 Comments3 Minutes

The War on Scams: Australian Banks and the Confirmation of Payee System

The Australian Banking Association (ABA) is making headlines with its decisive and robust…

Datos Insights' logo - Feedzai is recognized as a strong performer in Datos' report on behavioral biometrics and device fingerprinting

0 Comments7 Minutes

Feedzai is a Leading Contender in Datos Insights Behavioral Biometrics Market Analysis

What an honor! Datos Insights recognizes Feedzai for our advancements in the field of…

Illustration of money falling over a 2024 calendar - for blog outlining the top fraud and financial crime trends of 2024 to watch

0 Comments16 Minutes

Fraud and Financial Crime Trends to Watch in 2024

This past year we saw Generative AI emerge as a business game-changer and a fraudster’s…

Illustration of person wearing criminal mask looking for items to buy and commit first-party fraud

0 Comments8 Minutes

Understanding and Preventing First-Party Fraud for Merchants

As if the battle against fraud wasn’t complicated enough, merchants have to contend with…

Illustration of person closing bank vault with Singaporean flag in foreground- demonstration of how Asia banks can secure themselves from fraud by following the Singapore SRF framework

0 Comments8 Minutes

A Unified Stand Against Phishing Scams in Asian Banking

The Asian banking sector is increasingly concerned about phishing scams. Scammers…

Logo for Global Anti-Scam Alliance (GASA) - Key Takeaways from recent GASA Global Anti-Scam Summit

0 Comments6 Minutes

GASA Global Anti-Scam Summit: Key Takeaways

Over 200 participants gathered both in person and online to attend the recent Global…

illustration of fraudster looking at laptop using generative AI to commit different types of economic crime including phishing, deep audio fakes, and synthetic data

0 Comments12 Minutes

Understanding Generative AI in the Context of Economic Crime

When you think about the future of banking and finance, chances are AI is at the…

Illustration showing customer getting scammed but sending bank and receiving bank underging APP scam reimbursement - receiving bank uncovering money mule with magnifying glass

0 Comments10 Minutes

What APP Scam Reimbursement Requirements Mean for Banks

Changes to authorized push payments (APP) scam reimbursement policies are taking center…

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