Illustration of woman on the phone with bank learning how Generative AI like ChatGPT can include biases and how Responsible AI can help in retail banking

0 Comments15 Minutes

ChatGPT Revolutionizes Retail Banking…Soon

The world is buzzing with excitement about Large Language Models (LLM) and Generative AI…

Image showing how Generative AI like ChatGPT will create challenges for the Data Science community

0 Comments11 Minutes

ChatGPT Creates New Data Science Challenges

ChatGPT can spit out a fraudulent email from Amazon in a matter of seconds. It can pass…

illustration of how Feedzai's FairGBM algorithm promotes fairness awareness in machine learning models

0 Comments8 Minutes

Understanding FairGBM: Feedzai’s Experts Discuss the Breakthrough

Feedzai recently announced that we are making our groundbreaking FairGBM algorithm…

Measure of how Feedzai FairGBM enables banks to achieve Responsible AI

0 Comments5 Minutes

Feedzai Releases and Open Sources FairGBM Algorithm

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the next innovation in our commitment to delivering…

0 Comments12 Minutes

Why Responsible AI Should be Table Stakes in Financial Services

As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes increasingly used in financial services, it’s…

Feedzai Fairband promoting Responsible AI

0 Comments5 Minutes

Fast Company: Feedzai Fairband is a Game-Changer for Responsible AI

For Feedzai, ethical AI is a mission-critical world-changing idea. We’re thrilled Fast…

0 Comments11 Minutes

Understanding AI Bias in Banking

As banks invest in artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to improve their services they…

why we should all care about ethical AI development

0 Comments5 Minutes

Ethical AI: Why We Should All Care About It

Four pillars to follow for the ethical development of artificial intelligence: the…

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