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Case Study
Online Account Opening

Frictionless online account opening

Case Study: Financial Services

See how a top 10 retail bank supercharged their new customer account opening process and achieved a 70% increase in new application approvals.

Machine Learning for Fraud

A Primer to Machine Learning for Fraud Management

E-book: Machine Learning for Fraud

Learn how to eliminate high maintenance rules based engines, reduce false positives & make better decisions with machine learning basics.

Online Accounts: The New Risk Paradigm

Banking, Payments and Machine Learning

E-book: Online Accounts Using Machine Learning

Download this E-book to learn: (1)The Four Types of Risks in Online Accounts, (2)An Omnichannel Risk Prevention Strategy, and (3) An Omnichannel Machine Learning Solution

Ecommerce Fraud

Ecommerce Fraud the Dark Cloud Over Online Transactions

Infographic: ECommerce Fraud

Get a quick overview of the $32 billion dark cloud over online transactions & how to fight back with a multi-layer strategy that includes: Two-Factor Authentication, Biometrics, Location & Activity, Tokenization, & Shared Negative Lists

Machine Learning

A Deep Dive Into Machine Learning

Webinar: A Deep Dive Into Machine Learning

In this webinar, Dr. Pedro Bizarro,Feedzaiā€™s co-founder and CSO dymystifies machine learning and presents the latest buzz in a straightforward fashion.

Intro to Machine Learning

The 5-Minute Intro to Machine Learning

Infographic: 5-Minute Intro to Machine Learning

See a brief history of machine learning and why the time is now to use machine learning for fraud prevention.

Web Fraud Prevention Guide 2017

Web Fraud Prevention Market Guide 2017

Latest Insights Into Securing Digital Transactions

Want to learn more about Machine Learning For Merchant Loss Prevention? See the primer in this web fraud report and get a quick glance of Feedzai's services and tools for commerce.

The Dawn of Machine Learning for Banking

Risk Management in Banking and Payments

Machine Learning for Banking and Payments

Want to learn more about AI and Machine Learning For Banking? Learn how machine learning works and how it can be applied to risk management in banking and payments

How to Choose a Machine Learning Platform for Risk

Get the Ebook

A Guide for Merchants, Acquirers, and Payment Service Providers

Download this report to peek into the future of fraud. Learn more about: 1)Explainable Whitebox AI 2)Precise segment-of-one profiling 3)Future-proof data ingestion and 4)Better enterprise fraud protection

Machine Learning in Action

See How Gett Reduced Chargebacks by 80%

Gett Reduces Chargebacks by 80% with Machine Learning

In this webinar, learn why machine learning defeats fraud and learn Feedzai's 7-point system for maximizing your machine learning fraud detection platform.

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