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How Criminals Use Layering in Money Laundering and How Banks Can Stop Them

Understanding layering in money laundering is the first step necessary for banks to…

Illustration of a bank customer becoming a money mule and how banks can detect money mule scams with AML

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Money Mule Scams 101: What Can Banks Do to Prevent It?

The economic business model of online fraud is evolving. A steady rise in digital banking…

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Behavioral Biometrics for Money Mule Account Detection

Criminals make their money from a variety of illicit activities - including but not…

Illustration of a bank customer becoming a money mule and how banks can detect money mule scams with AML

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Everything Banks Need to Know About Money Mules

Money mules refer to the accounts fraudsters use to receive fraudulent funds. Mules…

Illustration demonstrating how banks can get started with pKYC and event-driven reviews instead of relying on manual processes.

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A Bank’s Guide to Getting Started with pKYC

It's no secret that the traditional methods for Know Your Customer (KYC) and Customer Due…

Illustration of people trapped in human trafficking with bar code as prison bars - raising awareness of money laundering's role in human trafficking

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With AML, Banks Can Wage a Real Human Trafficking Fight

January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month and January 11 is…

Photo of Feedzai's Product Product Marketing Manager Tiffany Ha, discussing Feedzai's perpetual KYC (pKYC) solution

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How Feedzai’s pKYC Solution Enables Banks to Shift to Event-Driven Reviews

Is there anything more frustrating than learning important information too late? For…

Illustration of Russian Kremlin and an outline of global sanctions updates and the questions and challenges they raised for compliance teams

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Global Sanctions Update: A Tumultuous 2022 With a View to 2023

There’s no doubt 2022 was an unprecedented year for sanctions. Let’s reflect on 2022 with…

Person navigating cryptocurrency changes - and how banks can change the cryptocurrency narrative

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Cryptocurrency Won’t Change the World and Other Musings

This article is intended to be a provocative discussion. And it is a personal viewpoint.…

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