Illustration of magnifying glass with large eye in center, looking at washing machine with bills and water falling out; demonstrating the insights from the Danish docuseries Den sorte svane into criminal operations in Denmark

0 Comments5 Minutes

Spotlight on Denmark: Fraud and Financial Crime Insights from ‘Den sorte svane’

The recent documentary mini-series "Den sorte svane" has sent shockwaves through Danish…

Illustration of hand touching data chart - demonstrating importance for banks to invest in anti-money laundering (AML) transparency

0 Comments9 Minutes

Enhancing AML Transparency with Smarter Data

Doesn’t it seem like new financial threats crop up in the blink of an eye? That’s why…

Illustration of bank building in a cloud - demonstrating how banks to upgrade anti-money laundering systems architecture to improve legacy AML systems and maintenance

0 Comments10 Minutes

Enhancing Anti-money Laundering Systems Architecture

A speaker at a financial crime conference I recently attended summed up the problem with…

illustration showing blueprint with mule - demonstrating importance for financial services industry to develop a money mule detection blueprint

0 Comments7 Minutes

A Money Mule Detection Blueprint for Banks

The money mule threat has become a pressing concern for financial institutions worldwide.…

how AML false positives overwhelm compliance teams

0 Comments8 Minutes

Avoid AML False Positives in 3 Easy Steps

High false positive rates are considered the norm for many financial institutions. But…

Illustration showing magnifying glass examining people in a pyramid. Demonstrating how the banking industry and financial services organizations should take a risk-based approach to anti-money laundering (AML).

0 Comments9 Minutes

5 Key Benefits of a Risk-Based Approach to AML

No two banks are alike. They differ by size, customer base, products and services,…

illustration of magnifying glass using inbound payment monitoring to detect money mule accounts

0 Comments8 Minutes

Banks Need Inbound Payment Monitoring to Uncover Money Mule Accounts

Banks and financial institutions continually face the ongoing challenge of staying one…

Illustration of criminal recruiting money mules, outlining how banks need to spot red flags for money mule recruitment

0 Comments8 Minutes

Money Mule Red Flags and How to Spot Them

No wonder money mules are such a hot topic in the world of financial crime these days.…

0 Comments8 Minutes

Streamline SAR Filing with Self-Service Options

Suspicious activity reporting is critical to anti-money laundering (AML) compliance. But…

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