Illustration of a bank with bills flying around the building, a large hand to its right, touching digital buttons - demonstrating how first-party fraud in banking works

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Uncovering the Threat of First-Party Fraud in Banking

First-party fraud is a significant threat to the banking sector. This subtle type of…

Photograph of Bruno Terroso, Product Marketing Intern, Feedzai; next to abstract data image; how behavioral biometrics secures real-time payments

0 Comments10 Minutes

How Behavioral Biometrics Secures Real-Time Payments

Instant payments are changing financial services, just like same-day delivery and…

Illustration of magnifying glass with large eye in center, looking at washing machine with bills and water falling out; demonstrating the insights from the Danish docuseries Den sorte svane into criminal operations in Denmark

0 Comments5 Minutes

Spotlight on Denmark: Fraud and Financial Crime Insights from ‘Den sorte svane’

The recent documentary mini-series "Den sorte svane" has sent shockwaves through Danish…

Illustration of payment card surrounded by coins with Canadian Maple Leaf on it; for blog post on key takewaways from the Payments Canada SUMMIT conference

0 Comments12 Minutes

Payments Canada SUMMIT Takeaways

The recent Payments Canada SUMMIT event gathered a host of payments experts, with…

UK Finance logo, for UK Finance Annual Fraud Report 2024, sponsored by Feedzai

0 Comments9 Minutes

UK Finance Fraud Report Results: Banks Face a Perfect Storm of Change

The latest figures from the UK Finance Annual Fraud Report 2024 offer a glimpse into the…

Photo of Feedzai's Tiffany Ha, next to abstract image

0 Comments8 Minutes

How to Secure Omnichannel Payments

Fraudsters don’t have a one-track mindset. They’ll commit fraud across multiple banking…

Illustration of a hand holding a payment card to an electronic card reader and another hand holding a stopwatch; indicates lessons in faster payments and other Nacha Smarter Faster Payments key takeaways

0 Comments14 Minutes

3 Key Takeaways from Nacha Smarter Faster Payments

Financial services professionals from different organizations, industries, and…

Illustration of two people shaking hands while suspicious figure lurks in shadow - demonstrating how acquiring banks (acquirers) can more securely manage merchant risks

0 Comments14 Minutes

How Acquiring Banks Can Protect Merchants

Acquiring banks (also known as acquirers or merchant acquirers) are more than go-betweens…

Illustration of a woman's head, broken into different segments - demonstrating the psychological impact of scams on victims

0 Comments7 Minutes

The Psychological Impact of Scams

What’s the most powerful tool in a scammer’s arsenal? Believe it or not, it isn’t a…

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