illustration of magnifying glass using inbound payment monitoring to detect money mule accounts

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Banks Need Inbound Payment Monitoring to Uncover Money Mule Accounts

Banks and financial institutions continually face the ongoing challenge of staying one…

Illustration showing a spy listening and watching unsuspecting people on their devices, conveying how the Mispaud banking trojan works

0 Comments6 Minutes

Mispadu Banking Trojan: The Definitive Guide

The Mispadu banking trojan is a notorious threat that has sent shockwaves through the…

Photo of Tiffany Ha, Feedzai's expert product manager.

0 Comments12 Minutes

Built-in Responsible AI: How Banks Can Tackle AI Bias

Many bank customers know that banks use artificial intelligence (AI) to make decisions.…

Illustration showing a bank customer holding a payment card while on the phone in a bubble with their bank, demonstrating how fraud prevention solutions proactively protect customers from threats like phishing, malware, and others

0 Comments18 Minutes

Fraud Prevention Solutions: How to Proactively Stop Fraud

Fraud prevention solutions are more important than ever for banks and financial…

Illustration of woman holding shield over silhouette of European continent, defending banks from fraud and scam threats emerging from PSD3 and PSR updates

0 Comments8 Minutes

PSD3 and PSR Changes: Everything Banks Need to Know

The PSD3 era is on the horizon. In June 2023, the European Commission outlined its…

Illustration of blue and green money floating in water with soapy bubbles and door of the washing machine in the background

0 Comments3 Minutes

The Future of AML: New Insights from Feedzai’s 2023 Report

We're thrilled to share the findings from our recent report, The State of Global AML…

Quadrant logo, for SPARK Matrix Behavioral Biometrics report naming Feedzai as a technology scam

0 Comments4 Minutes

Feedzai is a Technology Leader in Behavioral Biometrics

Exciting news! Feedzai, the world’s first RiskOps platform, is honored and excited to be…

Illustration of magnifying glass with Indian flag in the center - looking at behavioral biometrics, money mules, phishing and scams, and faster payment questions from India FinTech Forum 2023

0 Comments14 Minutes

Unmasking Financial Scams: Questions from India FinTech Forum 2023

Feedzai’s Dan Holmes recently participated at the India FinTech Forum 2023 webinar with…

Illustration showing banks practicing inbound payment monitoring and the unintended consequences including financial exclusion and less competition from FinTechs

0 Comments10 Minutes

Real-Time Inbound Payment Monitoring, Regulation, and Unintended Consequences

The UK Payment Systems Regulator’s (PSR) new authorised push payment (APP) scams…

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